About the company

Stan-Szkło Company deals with wide-ranging flat glass processing, insulated glass production and wholesale of building glass. Since 1974, we have been developing and expanding the range of building glass production and processing to keep up with the needs of the modern consumer.

Modern production technologies and specialized glass processing machinery enable us to offer our customers high quality products.

Our goal is to support and enhance the competitiveness of our Business Partners through constant striving to offer products and solutions of the highest possible quality using the many years experience and extensive knowledge of our employees.

We want to build a long-lasting model of cooperation with our Customers that will satisfy both parties. The needs of our Customers inspire us to introduce new effective solutions that can save time and money.

In a crisis situation we are able to provide individual support and fast order processing. A stable team and extensive production management system ensure the complexity and timeliness of delivery.

We look forward to cooperating with you.



high product
trained technical support personnel
own specialized transport
computerized production management system
knowledge and experience