Transparent coloured glass

Stan-Szklo’s transparent coloured glass represents a new, almost unlimited colour palette and allows the creative architects and interior designers to show their talents. From now on, the architects’ imagination is the only limit in the designs.

Design in full swing

Innovative transparent coloured glass in any colour

Colouring is possible on the entire glass pane or on some selected parts of it.

Public utility building
- front elevation

The use of Stan-Szklo's transparent coloured glass offers completely new possibilities for building design. It allows to create interesting, eye-catching, colourful elevations, and to illuminate the interior in a unique way. Varicoloured patterns, created by the glazed elevations, give a unique character to the interiors and interact with transparent coloured glass used inside the building, e.g. in railings, partition walls, office cubicles.


Residential building
- balcony finishing

Until now, the appearance of a residential building was determined primarily by its form and type of finish. Stan-Szklo’s transparent coloured glass offers designers with new possibilities of interesting arrangement of the body and interior. Coloured glass panes can be used on balconies, staircase entrances, roofs, front doors, interacting with both the building and its surroundings in an inventive way.

Product offer

> insulated coloured glass

Insulated coloured glass improves the architectural values of buildings and is perfect for use on the entire facade or as one of its elements. State-of-the-art technologies allow obtaining any colour while maintaining translucency at the same time. The essential aspect is that you can colour the entire glass pane or only selected parts of it. It gives almost unlimited possibilities of arranging both interiors, as well as elevations of buildings.

> laminated glass

Tampered glass panes are connected with EVA foil, thanks to which they perfectly sustain contact with water and meet the strictest safety standards. Laminated glass is increasingly used as a decorative element. They are perfect for use in bathrooms, glass railings, roofs or office cubicles.

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