Glass canopies

Material such as glass is nowadays used to create a completely modern design of the environment. It makes the building more prestigious in the eyes of observers. Applications that combine glass and stainless steel have become very popular; glass canopies are commonly used in particular. Customers today appreciate the comfort and simplicity that is evident in the glass structures. The simple and uncomplicated shape of glass canopies is a sign of modern design, therefore more and more people tend to use them.

We manufacture glass canopies made of tempered glass, laminated with EVA foils. In comparison to PVB foils, EVA foils are non-hygroscopic, which means that they do not absorb water particles, eliminating the risk of delamination on the edges. It is a very important feature, especially in the case of glass canopies, which due to their specificity are exposed to rain, moisture and weather changes.