Glass doors

The era of the typical door dividing the rooms has been long gone. In the new arrangement trends, it is time for the doors that at the same time divide and connect the space of the house, office and that add beauty to the interiors. Such criteria are met by glass doors that illuminate the interior, giving them lightness and elegance. At the same time they allow to emphasize the functional division of rooms and limit the penetration of sound and odors (from the kitchen for example). Glass doors can be made of ordinary transparent glass, ornamental glass or body tinted glass.

However, in using the wide possibilities of decorating glass, we can also offer the following types of doors:

  • mat (satin)
  • sandblasted (various patterns)
  • engraved
  • laminated with monochromatic color film or graphics (transparent or opaque)

Glass doors are also available as sliding doors. They are not only decorative and modern, but also extremely practical. They occupy little space without hindering communication, which makes it much easier to arrange your space, and thus use it in a more practical way.

They are a perfect choice for narrow corridors and small spaces. Properly designed and installed they will create true architectural wonders. Depending on the size of the door opening, we use single or double doors.