Glass screen printing

Where Creativity meets Durability

Imagine you have a unique chance to combine artistic creativity with the robustness of glass. This is the promise of our glass screen printing services. Our innovative approach allows us to create extraordinary patterns and textures that will never fail to catch the eye and give a special character to any glass panel.

How does it work?

Glass screen printing is a process that involves using a special mesh to cover glass with ceramic ink. The screen mesh acts as a matrix for transferring the ink directly onto the surface. Once the ink is in place, the glass is dried and subjected to a toughening process, which allows the ink to harden and ensures its durability.

Why choose glass screen printing?

  1. Versatility
Glass screen printing is a reliable and versatile solution with wide-ranging applications in different industries. Whether it’s car panes, household appliances, furniture, railings, or glass partition walls in offices and restaurants, this innovative technique allows you to create unique designer patterns that will make your products and spaces truly stand out. Wherever there’s glass, screen printing is possible.
  2. Durability
The ceramic ink we use is extremely durable. After the toughening process, it is integrated into the glass, which means it is resistant to scratching, fading, and other forms of damage. Your pattern will stay there to delight the eye for many years.
  3. High quality
Glass screen printing combines advanced technology with artisanal precision. Each element is elaborated with utmost care to create a matchless end product.
  4. Resistance to Light and Weather
Our ceramic inks are resistant to light and weather, which guarantees the patterns will not fade or degrade over time even with prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain.
  5. High mechanical endurance
As mentioned earlier, screen printed glass undergoes toughening, which means it becomes very durable and more resistant to damage. It will not crack as fast as non-toughened glass and can withstand a wide range of mechanical stresses.
  6. High heat resistance

    Toughened glass can also withstand heat stress, which means it will not crack or sustain damage due to rapid changes in temperature.
  7. Safety
    If broken, toughened glass will disintegrate into small, blunt pieces, which minimizes the risk of serious injury.
  8. Variety
We offer a wide variety of glass of different type and thickness to meet the specific demands of our clients. Whether you need transparent, colored, matte, laminated or hard-coated glass, we’ve got what you need,
  9. Glass cutters of any shape
Our top-class lines of glass cutters, along with horizontal and vertical CNC processing centers, allow us to create any shape and format with exceptional precision.

Professionalism and Competence

We have our own advanced machine park to deliver any order with rigorous precision and attention to detail. Our infrastructure and experience also allow us to offer very beneficial terms to our clients. We are in complete control of the production process from start to finish in order to ensure top-quality end products and excellent delivery times.

Creating a perfect glass screen print is a process that requires precision, experience, and creativity. Our mission is to deliver products that are not only beautiful but also practical and durable. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our services.