Glass walls – partitions

The minimalistic aesthetics of glass walls perfectly expose the advantages of glass and corresponds to the trends of modern design. They are most commonly used as partitions in offices or walls of shop windows in retail passages. Offices created using such walls provide a friendly and creative working atmosphere. Glass walls are both elegant and innovative. The main advantage of glass partitions is their ability to ensure light access and space. Nowadays, clear division is one of the most important trends in interior architecture.

As a standard, our glass walls are made of 8, 10, 12 mm thick monolithic, tempered glass. Looking for modern solutions, we can also make glass walls of tempered glass, laminated with colored foils, matching the colors to the planned room design.

We also offer the on/off glass. Changes in electrical voltage result in the change of light transmission properties (transparent/mat). It is much more convenient than using blinds or curtains, and at the same time much more exclusive.