Heat Soak Test (HST)

What is heat soak testing of glass (HST)?

Heat soak testing of glass, also known as Heat Soak Test (HST), is an extremely important process that aims to minimise the risk of spontaneous breakage of tempered glass. In practice, the HST process involves heating the glass to approximately 290°C and then maintaining this temperature for a specified period of time. This causes possible nickel impurities in the glass, which can later lead to breakage, to expand and cause the glass to break even during the test.

Why it is worth to select HST?

1. Safety of use:

Thermal heating of glass is one of the most important steps towards ensuring its safe use. By eliminating glass that could break spontaneously, the HST process significantly increases the safety in use of products such as glass balustrades, partitions, doors or glass furniture.

2. Cost reduction:

Although the HST process has some upfront costs, it can significantly reduce long-term costs by eliminating the need to replace glass that could break after installation. This not only saves money, but also time!

3. Compliance with standards:

A special furnace is used to carry out the HST, so that we can be sure that the test complies with European standards.

4. Confidence and peace of mind:

When you choose tempered glass with HST testing, you can rest assured – we've done everything we can to ensure safe use and high product quality!

Our company offers a comprehensive glass thermal heating service in accordance with European quality standards. Using the latest technology and methods, we can ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction for our customers.

HST – is it worth it?

Wondering if the HST for tempered glass is worthwhile? Our answer is clear – it's not only worth it, it's necessary! In the case of a large construction site, a high-rise building, for example, the requirement to carry out the HST for double glazing is becoming increasingly common. Why? Because it is a form of safeguard against the high costs of possibly replacing such broken glass after the building is commissioned, which sometimes go into the tens of thousands. Such a replacement includes not only the purchase of new glass and its installation, but also involves hiring a specialised crane, suction cups, a height team, obtaining permission from the city to stop traffic, police assistance, etc. If the breakage of the glass at height causes injury to passers-by, the legal implications must also be added to the cost of replacement. That's why we at Stan-Szkło are of the opinion that prevention is better than repair! Don't save money on glass testing – it could save your wallet, your reputation and even someone's life.

Why choose our company for the thermal treatment of glass?

By opting for the Stan-Szkło offer, you are choosing a proven partner with many years of experience, sited in a highly specialised technology park. Our knowledge, skills and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that the glass thermal heating process is carried out with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

With our services, you can rest assured that the glass you receive will be safe, durable and comply with all safety standards. We have served thousands of satisfied customers who appreciate us not only for the high quality of our services, but also for our professionalism, punctuality and individual approach to each order.

Trust us and join the ranks of those who have already benefited from our services. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you, and how we might fulfil your requirements.