Glass stairs and floors

Glass stairs more and more frequently constitute an extremely attractive element of modern interiors. They are perfect for both minimalist and traditional designs. The most important factor is to give lightness and space to the interiors. Our glass stairs are made of tempered, layer laminated glass, which prevents bending in the central load point of the step.

Glass that is most commonly used for glass stairs is colorless or body tinted float. Foils placed between tempered glass panes can be colorless to gain transparency effect, colored or mat, according to the Customer’s preferences.

Glass floors are made in a similar way. The thickness of tempered glass panels depends on the anticipated load and span of supports. As minimum necessary, three layers of total thickness of 30 mm are assumed. An additional asset may be the illumination of glass elements. Glass gives unlimited possibilities in this respect. The glass floor is an aesthetic decoration as well as a useful interior design element for houses, hotels, disco clubs, etc. It is the type of the floor that has the greatest impact on the character of the interior.