Systems of effective balustrades become a permanent architectural element that enhances comfort of flats and increases the prestige of residences and public buildings. All-glass balustrades give unlimited freedom in designing. High transparency and a wide range of system accessories allow one to integrate them into any interior.

Customized glass balustrades are appreciated today by a large number of customers. Their unusual elegance fits right into both modern and traditional style of construction, and new fixing systems make them even more attractive.

We manufacture balustrades made of tempered glass, laminated with EVA foils. In comparison to PVB foils, EVA foils are non-hygroscopic, which means that they do not absorb water particles, eliminating the risk of delamination on the edges in contact with moisture. Therefore, our balustrades can be used both inside and outside the buildings. CNC machining allows us to make balustrades of any shape, according to the Customer’s needs. CNC machining process allows for perfect fit of two laminated glass pieces.